Sugar Drinks vs Mineral Water: Which Should You Choose?

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There really is no debate as to which you should pick when it comes down to choosing sugary drinks vs mineral water.

In fact, your life literally depends on which decision you make...

Nearly half of Malaysia's population is obese. At 45 percent, the rate of obesity in Malaysia is the highest in Asia. This can lead to many health problems, and it's the reason why companies like One Water plays an important role in promoting water consumption (read our blog).

As you may already knew, obesity is the gateway disease for heart disease, diabetes and several forms of cancers. In fact, diabetes is at such epidemic proportions currently that it costs the country close to 2.5 billion dollars to treat and manage currently (source).

Table of contents

  1. Sugar Mostly to Blame
  2. Mineral Water: Healthy, Filling & Calorie-Free
  3. Sugar Drinks vs Mineral Water: The Verdict

Sugar Mostly to Blame

Nearly all the diseases humans face are caused by lifestyle factors. The most prominent being smoking and prescription and non-prescription drug abuse. The scariest drug of all is the excess sugar found in fast food, snacks, alcoholic beverages and the sugary drinks many of us have grown up drinking since childhood.

Doctor Joseph Mercola, a trusted online authority and practising naturopath, recommends against consuming more than 50 grams of sugar (ie., 50 grams of carbohydrates) on a daily basis (source). His extensive research has shown that taking in any more than that number daily can lead to serious health complications.

Let's look at a few nutritional facts attached to 5 common sugary drinks that are consumed by many of you on a daily basis:

  • Carbonated Soda: None of them contain any nutrition whatsoever. What they do contain is anywhere from 40 – 60 carbohydrates per tiny 355ml serving.
  • Energy Drinks: There are too many to list. A 250ml Red Bull nets 27 grams of sugar per 355ml. A Rock Star energy drink delivers anywhere from 31 – 62 grams of sugar depending on the size.
  • Vitamin Water: Though the brand name sounds healthy, a standard 590ml bottle will add 33 grams of sugar to your daily intake – far from healthy considering most use it to wash down their favorite submarine sandwich or hamburger.
  • Orange Juice (Minute Maid): This must be better for you than plain old carbonated mineral water, right? Wrong. A small 8-ounce glass holds 24 grams of sugar. A standard 540ml bottle from the convenience store holds closer to 50 grams of sugar. The trade-off for a little vitamin C simply is not worth it.
  • Chocolate Milk: Dairy industry marketing makes this stuff sound like a godsend for the parents of kids who don't like plain old milk. Compare 15 grams of sugar per 8-ounce glass of white milk with 30 grams of sugar for that same serving size of most chocolate brands and the truth becomes clear that it's anything but.

There are many other sugary drinks out there that you may prefer. Read the nutrition label and you'll find that they all contain way too much sugar to be healthy for you. Whether they have the word “juice” or “milk” on the label or not.

Mineral Water: Healthy, Filling & Calorie-Free

Carbonated mineral water contains 0 calories, while giving people who drink it a healthy dose of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sulphur too. The carbonation found in mineral water is often natural, but can sometimes be added by the manufacturer to enhance the “fizz” factor.

image Carbonated mineral water jpg

Either way, the carbonation fills you up naturally, while still leaving more room for healthful foods like veggies, fruits, nuts and lean meats. Adequate intake of nutrient-dense foods is common among people who regularly consume sugar drinks, primarily soda pop.

And don't be concerned about the carbonation present in mineral water destroying your tooth enamel. While mineral water is slightly more acidic than regular water from the tap, the acid levels are still negligible when compare to carbonated sodas and other sugary drinks like fruit juice, energy drinks, milkshakes, etc.

Sugar Drinks vs Mineral Water: The Verdict

When deciding between sugar drinks vs mineral water, the choice should now be abundantly clear. Sugary beverages cause heart disease, diabetes, obesity and all the various maladies associated with each.

Next time you're craving something fresh and healthy, reach for a bottle of One Water all-natural mineral water and you'll add years of healthful living to your life.

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